Astraload perf team

Meet the crew who can scale your single page application to handle millions of monthly users

What we do

We focus on performance optimization of web apps - particularly single page applications built with Meteor and GraphQL.

Astraload SaaS

Specifically for that, we’ve built Astraload SAAS - a UX testing tool working on a scale of thousands of users with first class Meteor and GraphQL data layers support.

Join a good company of our clients

Dominic Von Martens
Product Manager @ Selfleaders
«In short order Astraload team managed to achieve what previously seemed absolutely impossible! Thanks to their involvement we're now able to implement our most optimistic strategy»
Max Hodges
Founder/director @ White Rabbit Japan
«Hey btw if you guys need help with performance issues these guys are good. @eluck and his consulting services team helped identify and fix some rogue publications that there causing occasional crashes that were driving us nuts.»
Harrison Hunter
CTO MaestroQA
«What I truly appreciate with the team at Astraload is not just a high degree of skill and ownership but the desire to evolve and improve. The team is always thinking about how they can level up themselves and our collaboration, and pushes us to improve our practices to achieve the best outcomes»

Want to be sure in your webapp performance?

Either your webapp is already live and you already experience performance issues or maybe you’re just planning to make sure your website will handle more intense load - we can help you. There are many ways get in touch with us.

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