Full cycle software development

Astraload designs, implements and maintains desktop, web and mobile software. Check our portfolio

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Node.js, Javascript, Typescript, SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), Screenshot-testing, Unit-testing, Integration-testing, Load-testing, UI componentization, React, Wallaby.js


We have extensive experience in Web-design, Illustration design, UI-design, Design systems, SWAG design


AWS cloud (EC2, S3, Cloudfront, SQS, etc.), DO & Hetzner clouds, Web-related (Routing, High-load, Backups), Continuous Integration (Github Action, CircleCI), Linux (maintaining & fine-tuning)

Project management

Agile team management (Kanban & SCRUM), Software Requirements Expert (aka Business Analyst), Facilitation expert

Project analytics

Hotjar (user behavior tracking), Google Analytics (website performance), Mixpanel (funnels, dashboards)


Quest App

A cyberpunk quest story implemented in web. We let our imagination complete freedom and got a piece of art

Load testing and analytics service

The project is intended to emulate horde of users visiting a target website to gather website performance information, analyse it and use it for project enhancement

Screen capture Chrome extension

A Chrome extension that's part of a US startup software suite. It is used to capture screen recordings of quality assurance teams.

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