Design System, Storybook and Testing

A vetted team of design, development and facilitation professionals who will scale your frontend development with state-of-the art tooling, robust processes and methodical coaching by executing a 12-week supercharged enhancement program

There’s a single team available at the moment

What team is actually going to do

Set up a design system. Build a component library in Storybook.
Train existing design and development teams or seed new ones.
Create designs and set high standards of UI components quality.
Develop frontend and put it under strict process of design review and automated screenshot and unit testing.

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Astraload is a small team of seasoned professionals, all our services are highly exclusive

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Can the team drop training part?

If there's no one to teach, we can skip this part.

Yes, no problem. We can do fullstack development including devops as well.

Yes, up to some point. We will gently upgrade our relationship model to a custom project support.